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Senators clashed over the pro- posed Sh Opposition MPs claimed that it amounted to betrayal to give the allo- cation to counties when the Division of Revenue Bill was proposing reten- tion of Sh billions to national gov- ernment. There were heated arguments as senators from both sides defended their position, prompting Deputy Speaker Kembi Gitura to rule that de- bate should only revolve on what is stipulated in the law.

But senators accused their col- leagues in the National Assembly of failure to approve revenue audited by the Auditor General.

Postcode ZIP code Nairobi, Kenya – GeoPostcodes Postal code – ZIP codes. Download zipcodes listing by countries. Buy postcodes of the world. International zip code database. PIN codes list.

They reportedly intend to begin operations with an ancient B , not the most credible of options for a start up airline in this day and age. No other details on their future plans are presently available. Only now are reports emerging in the local media that another two lions were found poisoned recently. Other predators too are said to be under threat by herdsmen such as hyenas and leopards, all of which consider cattle in the park as prey and follow their instincts of hunting when hungry.

Tree climbing lions within the Southern or Ishasha sector of the park have been a major attraction, as there are few places in Eastern Africa where lions can be seen on trees only at Kidepo Valley National Park in North Eastern Uganda and the Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania and a further reduction in the lion population would put this priceless resource at major risk of extinction. Both governments demand that the and treaties, imposed on the East African countries by former colonial power Britain, be scrapped and the water be treated as a natural resource of the source countries, rather than having Sudan and Egypt carry literal veto powers over any and all developments in Eastern Africa using contributory river waters, lake waters and Nile waters.

It was also learned that the Egyptian monitors based in Jinja as the main power plant have been stopped from accessing water flow data for the time being, probably a pressure measure to compel the lower Nile countries concede major points in the ongoing negotiations. A meeting on these issues between the Nile Basin countries presidents did reportedly not take place. The latest development also puts to rest allegations from other East African countries that Uganda had struck a one-on-one deal with Egypt following a brief stopover by Egyptian President Mubarak in Entebbe a few weeks ago.

The flights will commence in early December, in time for the busy holiday season and arrival and departure times at both Amsterdam and Entebbe will remain the same. The airline also announced extra flights to New York and Washington, making connections to and from the US even easier. Earlier court decisions way back in May in related matters saw Aya’s previous lawyers being awarded nearly 2.


Box — , Nairobi Kenya. Kenya Airways is a member of the Sky Team Alliance, is a leading African airline flying to 52 destinations worldwide, 43 of which are in Africa and carries over three million passengers annually. It continues to modernize its fleet with its 32 aircrafts being some of the youngest in Africa. Kenya Airways main businesses are in passenger transportation, cargo transportation, holiday management, ground handling, aeronautical maintenance and aviation training.

A Our Promise Kenya Airways commits to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal information.

Apr 03,  · 1. PIPELINE EMBAKASI The places is near Tumaini Supermarket,in Pipeline Prostitutes fill the dark streets at night waiting.

It liberated me from needing a DoP on a lot of projects: I can shoot everything myself. They were local misunderstandings between other people, I think. But it did mean I and the camera had to make a hasty retreat back to the car while it got sorted out. It runs until the end of the month. And I also have a book. Any money that comes out of it will go into projects for the people living in the slum. A census in found it housed , people.

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This happens as five soldiers died today in Lamu while ten others were left seriously injured. According to inside sources, Kenya got a raw deal, thanks to red tape at the procurement stage. The budgeted amount for the purchase of original armoured cars was slashed, forcing the Chinese to offer alternative models marching the amount available.

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He was accompanied by his permanent secretary, Philip Ndegwa, and his brother, Alphonse Okuku Ndiege. Outside, only two or so metres from the door, was a young man in a dark suite, holding a briefcase in his left hand. His right hand was in his pocket. In a few seconds two shots rang out. Despite efforts at mouth-to-mouth resuscitation Mboya was dead on arrival at Nairobi Hospital..

Within hours, there were riots and demonstrations in Nairobi and in towns and villages in Luoland.

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Jane comes from the neighbouring mathare slums and its in this slum that her parents and siblings live,her parents believe jane works at a shoping center but she says its better they live with the lie rather than their hearts be broken by the truth of what she does. Jane is not alone at the lodge she stays she told me that all the rooms about twenty five are occupied by her fellow sex workers and they pay daily two hundred shilings,but to cut costs the women share the rooms and pay a hundred each and she says atleast this way they can make enough to survive and send to their families.

I asked jane if she felt safe doing what she does both physically and in health and she said that at times the customers get violent if they are drunk and she has been beaten once but these days she has chokoras that is street boys who she pays if a customer fails to pay or assaults her. For her health she always insists her clients to use a condom if not she cant serve them and always she says she maintains her stand on that issue.

From the research and the investigation i conducted many residents of eastleigh have decried the increased prostitution in the area citing lack of action by the authorities and especially the police to reign in the sex workers and lodging operators who they say have encouraged the growth of prostitution in eastleigh. Talking to a psychologist Edward Ratemo i asked him is prostitution going to affect this women after they quit it and he said many feel haunted by it and it can affect their social life as well as thier love life as this will be embedded in their mind and the only solution is for the women to get counselling and proper rehabilitation.

Hook up with one or two team leads. Community Interviewers. Rotating you around with the 40 CI’s so won’t overburden any one CI. Get different taste of different parts of Kibera, different opinions. Other NGO’s. Connect via the CI’s with other organization activities that are ongoing / NGO’s.

Vision NOW Our vision is to create an ecosystem to facilitate for international and local East African Entrepreneurs to grow sustainable businesses with social impact. To do that we partner with local and international companies and institutions. By providing an ecosystem for sustainable economic development for the East African and international markets, and facilitate sustainable economic development in Africa and thus helping entrepreneurs and companies in Africa with growth capital and capacity building, we can create sustainable growth that is also economically sustainable.

A Lean Green Business Machine. There are underlying separate business plans for each of the mentioned business areas. Investments in Africa have been looked upon as very risky and to not give high enough return on the invested capital. But over the last couple of years, countries like South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania has had a steady economic growth. In light of the financial crises seen in the western economy, investments in Africa can no longer categorically be rated as high risk.

We believe that Norwegian companies and financial institutions would benefit from learning more about the opportunities, which currently are emerging on the African continent. Companies from countries like Holland, China and Japan are already investing heavily in several sectors like renewable energy, agriculture and infrastructure.

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