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Inheritance laws Equal Rights in Inheritance Legislation should prohibit discrimination against women and girls in inheritance and explicitly allow females to inherit property and land on an equal basis with males. Laws governing lines of succession should ensure equality of rank between mothers and fathers, between brothers and sisters, between daughters and sons, and between spouses. Legislation should state that civil laws shall have supremacy over customary laws and practices that discriminate against women and girls. Drafters should repeal any laws that terminate interests upon remarriage for the widow, but not the widower. On appeal, none of these arguments, all of which were based on Nigerian customs, prevailed. While not explicitly stated, the court based its ruling on fundamental rights guaranteed to women under the Nigerian Constitution and an international convention to which Nigeria was a party. In , the High Court of Botswana overturned customary law in granting women the right to inherit family homes. Tswana custom had prescribed that the family home is inherited either by the first-born or last-born son, depending on the tribe. On September 26, , the Cape High Court found for the girls, and declared that certain sections and regulations of the Black Administration Act were unconstitutional and invalid, and that Section 1 4 b of the Intestate Succession Act 91 of was unconstitutional and invalid. We should make it clear in this judgment that a situation whereby a male person will be preferred to a female person for purposes of inheritance can no longer withstand constitutional scrutiny.

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And if you do not, then be informed of a war [against you] from Allah and His Messenger. But if you repent, you may have your principal – [thus] you do no wrong, nor are you wronged. Needless to say it is touchy and emotive subject in this day and age.

Swahili coast in Kenya: Dhows and lost cities. all ornately finished with nods to traditional Islamic design. lies abandoned, for reasons unknown. Dating from the twelfth century, it was.

Leave alone cutting – even touching the female genitalia of a girl is still child abuse. Twitter must explain why they sponsored such a message. Twitter is carrying an ad for female genital mutilation? Girls aged 14 and younger represent 44million of those who have been cut, most commonly in Gambia, Mauritania and Indonesia. The procedure is mostly carried out on young girls between infancy and Once girls have been cut, they are deemed ready for marriage and taken out of school – but FGM causes health problems and can be fatal.

It is practised by Muslim and Christian communities in some countries, but it is not mentioned in the Koran or Bible. The practice is illegal in Britain, but around , girls from the UK are thought to be taken to countries that still perform the procedure. Twitter has since removed the promoted post but taken no action on the original tweet, which is still visible. A Twitter spokesman said: It also claims the procedure involves ‘removal of a speck of superficial skin, a simple gentle process in which there is negligible, if any, pain’.

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Kenya Discover something about Kenya with our fun facts, and make use of our Kenyan flag printables, maps and worksheets. Kenya is bordered by Tanzania to the south and south-west, Lake Victoria and Uganda to the west, South Sudan to the north-west, Ethiopia to the north and Somalia and the Indian Ocean to the east. Kenya is a country with diverse landscapes – from the tropical Indian Ocean coast, ancient rift valleys and rainforest, to the glaciers on Africa’s second highest mountain, Mount Kenya.

The tallest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, is located near the border of Kenya and Tanzania and can be viewed from Kenya, but falls entirely within Tanzanian soil. The rift valley is known as ‘the cradle of civilisation’ as it contains fossils of prehuman hominins, which date back 6 million years.

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Marriage in Islam is viewed as a religious obligation, a contract between the couple and Allah. Practices The only requirement for Muslim weddings is the signing of a marriage contract. Marriage traditions differ depending on culture, Islamic sect, and observance of gender separation rules.

Muslims are allowed to eat what is “good” – that is, what is pure, clean, wholesome, nourishing, and pleasing to the taste. In general, everything is allowed (halal) except what has been specifically forbidden.

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Religion, Politics and Society Overwhelming percentages of Muslims in many countries want Islamic law sharia to be the official law of the land, according to a worldwide survey by the Pew Research Center. Moreover, Muslims are not equally comfortable with all aspects of sharia: While most favor using religious law in family and property disputes, fewer support the application of severe punishments — such as whippings or cutting off hands — in criminal cases.

A polygamist is someone who practises polygamy. Most commonly this will be one man with multiple wives and this is becomes family unit. All the wives are friends and are to be treated as equals.

Toby Lewis, MD and others – see documentation. The Somali Bantu are a distinct cultural group. Click here for information about Somali Bantu refugees. Somalia Geography Somalia is a long, narrow country that wraps around the Horn of Africa. The inland areas are predominantly plateaus, with the exception of some rugged mountains in the far north.

The northern region is more arid, whereas the southern portion of the country receives more rainfall. Many Somalis are nomadic or semi-nomadic herders, some are fishermen, and some farmers. Mogadishu is the capital and largest city.

Muslim leaders back President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election