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Wide open roads, endless beautiful spots to pull over and park your campervan, the freedom to travel and stop where and when you want, it is no wonder so many Aussies on retirement buy themselves a mobile home and spend years going around the country. Nothing beats finding your own camping spot in the wild, parking your campervan, having a cold beer admiring a wildly coloured outback sunset and a dinner cooked on the campfire under the magnificent starry skies. And it makes economic sense too, when you compare the cost of hiring a car and finding accommodation in a room every night then you may well find it is cheaper to hire a budget campervan than to pay for a car and a room, and of course it is much more of an adventure! Discovery Campervans is an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in organising campervan rentals in Australia but also in New Zealand. Their fully qualified team handle your reservation queries and overlook all rentals placed. The benefit to you of having a dedicated team is that it provides a level of professionalism, product knowledge and experience to ensure that your rental goes smoothly, and you can enjoy your trip without any hassles. Discovery Campervans has been built and developed with the support and continuing assistance of the largest campervan rental companies in both Australia and New Zealand By booking your campervan hire through the Discovery Campervans website, you get to take advantage of our clever technology – showing up to date, competitive comparitive prices – and have the security of renting with established and leading brands in the campervan hire market.

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Selling our coachman camper Spirit of America series. 2nd owner maybe has been used about 20 times between both owners. It has new roof, awning, ac and fridge covers, new rims and tires.

Paul Hart I own a campervan and it has become my personal mobile office and home from home. I use it often when I need to travel long distances, allowing me to travel across Europe without incurring the cost of hotels or campsites. I have always enjoyed the basic but fully adaptable nature of my van, so when I was asked to test a few campervans , I was keen to see how professional rental agencies would deliver against my own standards.

A precise, direct comparison between the campervans is difficult as each one meets different needs. But the ratings scored below indicate how each one worked for my personal needs. Some of these differences become apparent quickly once you start driving the vehicles, which can make all the difference to your holiday experience. Its multiple media connections allow you to link up your electronic devices to the music and BlueTooth systems.

It has a built-in refrigerator and cooker, both of which worked flawlessly for me. Chairs pop out of the tailgate, a table slides out of the side door and a further internal table allows a rear passenger to use their computer while on the move. The roof pops up to form a really comfortable second bed and you can even fit a roof rack, although it has limited weight capacity.


Great stories start in a VW camper.. People wave and smile, they flash their lights and come to take photographs. Get on the bus and start your story ……..

The pair share a son, Bronx Mowgli. Now dating Meaghan Camper, Wentz will soon be a father for the second time.

But while someone can have experience picking up used cars, when it comes to RVs, it is another matter completely. That is why additional care should be taken to make sure you buy something that operates well and matches your traveling way of life. After all, other than your house, a RV is likely to be one of the most costly things you are likely to buy. So take a little more time doing some preparation to get it right.

Like everything else used, used motorhomes have a variety of benefits and drawbacks. One of the primary drawbacks of purchasing a used RV, when you compare motorhome that is new and used versions, is that you are unlikely to discover something definitely ideal. And even if you get the design you are looking for, there is no assurance that it will run well, and operate effectively. The primary benefits of purchasing a used RV are pretty obvious.

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What could be more befitting than the subject of the above title? Some may be surprised to know that when I decided to become an RV-living gypsy, I gave very little thought about having a love life. I guess it was for a good reason. This is not by choice, though relationship gurus and teachers of the Law of Attraction may tell you otherwise.

campervan in Littlehampton. View this and ‘s more Motorhomes ads on Friday-Ad!

Why I hate the Tegstove. And why I love the Tegstove. Some time ago I was approached by the people at Tegstove. They asked me to try out one of their stoves. It uses Teg technology creating an electrical charge by placing hot and cold surfaces together to charge an internal battery in the stove, which can then be used to charge phones or gadgets. I said yes, because I like trying out bits of kit, but I did make a point of insisting that I would be honest about it because I only review products I actually use, whether good or bad.

In due course the stove arrived and I unpacked it and read the instructions and looked at it and played with it. And then I put it away again.

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Editors Review As an Aussie website born and bred we couldn’t leave out a review about a Kangaroo now, could we! Kangaroo Campervans, based out of Sydney since , have been an offshoot of Network Car and Truck Rentals since their inception in Owned and operated by the family-run Collard Cars Pty Ltd. They emphasise their range of depots and service contacts around the country most on the east coast in Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne and Sydney, although they also have locations in Darwin and Perth — customers can drop off their hired vehicles at any of these.

Airport pickup is also available.

Using the template below (this will need to be re-sized when printing to fit comfortably on your cushion) cut out the pieces of the campervan in your chosen colours. Build up the campervan shape in the middle of the square of fabric.

The liberty of being able to go whatever road you impulsively chose, sleep anywhere you want and decide the exact time when to leave a certain place, makes this type of travel a perfect fit for the independent-minded and spontaneous traveler. At this moment you should be asking yourself: Well, yes, going from Europe and traveling around the Central Asian countries with a campervan is something perfectly possible and safe to do.

Actually, Kyrgyzstan is one of the most open countries for tourists in the region, and most of the Western nations can enter Kyrgyzstan visa-free for up to 60 days. Everyone who knows me acknowledges the love I have for driving. The pleasure of traveling while behind the wheel is, for me, one of the best ways to explore the world. Being a natural born driver, I have driven cars in more than 50 countries altogether. Stunning alpine lakes reflect a magnificent spectrum of color, and lush pine-covered foothills direct yurt-dwelling shepherds and yak herders.

That is why I decided to visit Kyrgyzstan again. I had been in Kyrgyzstan before, but not with a campervan, so this trip took a whole different level in terms of independent traveling. With an incredible display of rivers, waterfalls and nearly 2, lakes, its beautiful mountainous landscape has provided the setting for over two millennia of history.

I had tea and lunch invitations on a daily basis.


Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email This is the moment armed police stopped a VW Golf and told the driver and passenger to get down on the ground after reports of a man with a gun in a car. Officers were alerted after a man was thought to have been seen with a gun in a car being driven on Heckmondwike Road at The car involved is believed to be a white VW Golf and was then seen heading for the Cleckheaton area.

It was followed and stopped by armed officers on Halifax Road at the junction with Birkdale Road in Dewsbury at Armed police operation in Dewsbury after reports of man seen with firearm Image:

A gas cylinder exploded and set a campervan on fire after it was stolen earlier in the night. Emergency services were called to Goodeve Road in Sneyd Park around 10pm on Monday night, June 4.

Your campervan hire in Darwin will serve as your accommodation and transportation for your trip. This will enable you to save money, and spend more time exploring rather than finding a place to stop for food. All campervan hire companies will ensure that you have somewhere comfy to sleep too. You will be able to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful night in your bed in your campervan rental in Darwin.

There are often folding beds and bunk beds too so that you have more space in the daytimes. You can keep the whole family entertained with the many points of cultural heritage that you can explore and the tours and walks that you can take. This is a great experience for people of all ages. There are all kinds of places for you to visit to enjoy your free time too. Use your campervan rental to really explore and see the Leanyer Recreation Park. For a relaxing day out, why not visit the Australian Aviation Heritage Centre in the morning, and then go for picnic on Darwin Botanic Gardens if the weather is good.

This is a great road to take when you are using your campervan rental to get from one part of the city to another in a hurry. Amy Johnson Avenue is a 4 kilometres stretch of road that runs in a north — south direction, starting from Old McMillans Road in the north passing through the Stuart Highway and ending at Tiger Brennan Drive in the south.

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It is an unfamiliar landscape containing of miles of vast, empty moors with all the settlements squeezed into deeply incised, wooded valleys. So deep, in fact, that most of the towns and villages are hidden until you are upon them. The place names also seem mysterious to me — what are the derivations and pronunciations of Mankinholes, Midgehole and Mytholmroyd? I head to Keighley then drive south up the Worth Valley. At the bottom of the village is Haworth Station, a stop on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, where heritage steam and diesel trains run daily in summer and at weekends in winter.

Campervan Rental & Caravan Hire Adelaide Adelaide Campervan Hire. Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia; an unsung state that’s conveniently sandwiched between the North Territory, West Australia and Victoria.

Choose from our large, modern fleet of campervans for hire in Scotland. All of our campervans and motorhomes are less than 2 years old and offer modern and stylish accommodation for your Scotland camping holiday. For couples, the Aero is fully equipped with shower and toilet but is compact and economical to drive. Something bigger and more luxurious?

From airport transfers, outdoor tables, chairs, mobile Wi-Fi or even an extra pillow — we have it covered. Where you go, you decide!

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